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Birthdate:Jul 27

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4-8-15-16-23-42, 6 7 16 m1.4, amy macdonald, angel martin, ann summers, another earth, barnman and robin, bones, booth and brennan, booth/brennan, brennan/castle, calle fuencarral, captain hammer, captain hammer's hammer, cardiff, castle, castle humming panananana, castle/brennan, cats, chris isaak, claire's, clark kent/wonder woman, coffee & tv, colacao, condado de treviño, covent garden, cutthroat bitch, cómo-conocí-a-vuestra-madre, daria morgendorffer, dark chocolate, darlene conner, david addison, decaf soy chai latte, dennis finch, doctor sweets, dominique moceanu, don't call me bones, dr. horrible, dr. temperance brennan, earl grey tea, emily deschanel, emily-deschanel-to-come-out-as-gay, enneagram, faemino y cansado, family guy, fishguard, friends, fringe, garcia & sons, ghost world, gillian anderson, gmail - inbox (1), golden gate bridge, great song of indifference, green, harry-potter-and-the-death-of-harry-potter,, how-i-met-your-mother, jack shephard, jane/maura, jem, jodie sweetin, john stamos, jon knight, jordan knight, just shoot me!, kane more, lady grey tea, life in cartoon motion, lilia podkopayeva, little missmatched, llandudno, london, lorelai gilmore, loren dean, los coronas, los relampagos, lost, luz de luna, madrid, magic 8-ball, mcvitie's, menai bridge, mika, missmatched socks, momo, moonlighting, muerte-al-hoygan-y-a-quienes-lo-practican, nail polish, nerd!booth, nina van horn, nkotb, nokia, omnia mea mecum porto, oxendon street, oysho, padre de familia, pancakes, paolo nutini, perry cox, peter/olivia, pink & yellow, pop-español-de-los-80, proclaimers, quinn morgendorffer, rick castle, rizzoli and isles, rizzoli/isles, robin sparkles, russ brennan, ryan/esposito, sam-y-dean-winchester-son-dos-nenazas, san francisco, sara gilbert, scrubs, seeley booth, seeley/temperance, sempiterna mala suerte, sephora, sheldon cooper/temperance brennan, simona amanar, soy caramel macchiato, starbucks, stephanie tanner, stewie griffin, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, sugus, sé-lo-que-hicisteis-la-última-semana, temperance brennan, temperance/seeley, the commitments, the powerpuff girls, the princess bride, the x-files, thebeststuffintheworld,, tin man, united kingdom, vaya semanita, veganism, vegetarianism, wales, weeds, welsh sheeps, wonder woman costumes, wonder!brennan, zooey deschanel, zorra implacable, ¡se quieren mogollón!
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